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As the heir to the throne, a young lion cub is witness to his father being trampled to death. His evil uncle who has eyes on the throne himself tells the young one that it is he who has brought this about. Feeling ashamed, the cub wanders away from the savannah to another area that is totally strange to him. He is befriended by two strange creatures to him: a warthog and a Meerkat who show him the ways of the wild. After growing to adulthood, he is one day met by a childhood friend who has wandered into the area to hunt. Surprised to find him alive, she begs him to return and take his rightful place in the grasslands. His uncle has allowed hyenas to feed there and the natural balance is way out of order. A struggle ensues for leadership and the Lion King is assisted by his old friends to try and restore order. He also finds out the truth regarding his father and this is enough to give him the strength to dispatch his evil relative and restore the hierarchy to this once great land.

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