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Teddy, a struggling fitness entrepreneur in Yorktown, Virginia, is fired from his job at a local gym for giving ad brochures without the gym's address. He decides not to tell his wife Lori, taking her to Onancock for her birthday. Leaving her at a spa, Teddy arrives at the wrong cabin, where a man named Coughlin is being held hostage. Mistaken for "the Man from Toronto", a mysterious assassin with a talent for brutal interrogation, the clueless Teddy manages to intimidate Coughlin into giving up a code. The cabin is raided by the FBI, who convince Teddy to pose as the Man from Toronto to help capture would-be Venezuelan dictator Colonel Marin in exchange the FBI will pay off his overdue mortgage. As he navigates through a web of intrigue and danger, Teddy's relationships are put to the test, including his marriage to Lori and his unexpected bond with the actual Man from Toronto, named Randy. With twists and turns along the way, Teddy and Randy find themselves entangled in a mission to prevent a catastrophic event. The film culminates in a series of confrontations, leading to unexpected consequences and a surprising resolution.

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