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Concluding a serial killing sleuth case, Sherlock Holmes witnesses the arrest and conviction of the murdering black arts sorcerer, Lord Blackwood. Later, Blackwood hangs for his ritual murder of five women with his death attested to by Dr. Watson, partner to Holmes. Previously a Holmes adversary, Irene Adler, visits Holmes with a request that he locate Luke Reordan. Professor Reordan emerges as the key to the apparent reappearance of Blackwood. Mass fear grips London as word on sightings of Blackwood's ghost quickly spread through London. Shockwaves rocket among the populace when Lord Blackwood’s grave reveals the body of Reordan in the coffin. Following clues obtained from examination of Reordan’s body, Holmes discovers and battles Blackwood’s colleagues in crime including some in high echelons of government. Uncovering Blackwood’s "Orwellian" purposes, Holmes and Dr. Watson turn the tables on Blackwood with a trick that ends in his demise.

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